Hey! I'm Jeff
and I like to create cool things for the web.

I'm a digital solutions creator who lives in João Pessoa/Brazil.

I have one foot in web development and the other in digital communication and I use this to achieve my goal: creating solutions that impact people's lives..

O Bapp is a drink game. Join your friends and do what the master tells you to do

🇧🇷 Only in portuguese (translation in progress)

GO DO is the social network of challenges

🇬🇧 Available in english

The I Challenge You is a compilation of challenges for you to do at any time or place

One of the best Brazilian apps in 2016 according to Google Play

❄️ The project no longer receives updates.

Progress puts the past in perspective

The Questions is for when the conversation cools off and you want to continue the chat

🇧🇷 Only in portuguese

Hora de Dormir (Bed Time) is a sleep cycles calculator

Who goes first is the ultimate solution to solve the dilemma in a circle of friends

🇧🇷 Only in portuguese

The Aleatório is a hub for creative content

⏸ The project is paused.

Ball/Square was my first game and my first app

❄️ The project no longer receives updates.

📍 João Pessoa / Brazil